This fiber laser diode driver integrates two laser diode drivers, 6 photodiode electronics, a pulse-picker synchronization tool and many other dedicated functionalities for nearly any type of fiber laser architecture. 

This fiber laser diode driver allows you to develop a complete fiber laser prototype in only a few weeks. There is one “pulsed & CW” channel for seed laser diode and one “CW” channel for pump laser diode.  It is compatible with any type of fiber laser architectures : Mode-locked, Q-Switch, MOPA with any oscillator, EOM modulation, Gain Switch, Microchip etc. See our Tutorial : Fiber-Laser-basics 

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Two Channel Laser Diode Pulse Driver & TEC Control Module with Butterfly Mounting Sockets ; Pulse & CW drivers up to 1500mA; User Set Pulse Widths from 1 ns up to CW ; USB Interface & software integration libraries

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