This fiber laser diode driver integrates two laser diode drivers, 6 photodiode electronics, a pulse-picker synchronization tool and many other dedicated functionalities for nearly any type of fiber laser architecture. 

This fiber laser diode driver allows you to develop a complete fiber laser prototype in only a few weeks. There is one “pulsed & CW” channel for seed laser diode and one “CW” channel for pump laser diode.  It is compatible with any type of fiber laser architectures : Mode-locked, Q-Switch, MOPA with any oscillator, EOM modulation, Gain Switch, Microchip etc. See our Tutorial : Fiber-Laser-basics 

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This industry leading  fiber laser diode driver with pulse & CW performances make fiber laser development much more efficient. Designed specifically for fiber laser architectures and product integration, these dual central electronic controls and mounting modules allow complete control of up to two single-mode butterfly packaged laser diodes, six photodiodes and many other external devices.

See our Tutorial : Fiber-Laser-basics to get an overview of all fiber laser architectures and  Fiber coupled laser diodes to get an overview of many types of compatible laser diodes.

Its fiber laser diode drivers are optimized for single-shot to CW performance with pulse width lengths down to 1 nanosecond and up to 3500 mA peak current. It is compatible with fiber laser constraints in term of noise, precision, response time, interlock etc.

It is well suited for nearly any type of fiber laser architectures : Mode-locked, Q Switch, MOPA, EOM modulation, Gain Switch, Microchip oscillators etc.

It provides a simple way to control on / off / and security stages of complex multistage fiber lasers.

This fiber laser diode driver can be easily be connected with other AeroDIODE boards, especially :

It is the central element of AeroDIODE Multiboard series which includes more than 20 innovations and makes fiber laser developments very efficient.

Butterfly laser diodes such as Lumentum or 3SP  are perfectly well controlled in CW or pulsed regime.

Laser diode 1Output current range0 - 1500 mA
Noise level (laser diode dependant)< 0.03 % rms
Adjustment precision (@ 200 mA)0.05 mA
Current stability< 0.01%
Temperature stability< 10 mK
Laser diode 2Peak current range (pulse regime)0 - 3500 mA
CW current range0 - 800 mA
Pulse duration1 ns to CW
Pulse jitter< 10 psec
Pulse repetition rate0 - 250 MHz
Alarm / interlock response time< 2 µsec
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Multi channel 2 channel version
Two Channel Laser Diode Pulse Driver & TEC Control Module with Butterfly Mounting Sockets ; Pulse & CW drivers up to 1500mA; User Set Pulse Widths from 1 ns up to CW ; USB Interface & software integration libraries
3 495
1 - 2 weeks

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