This fiber laser diode driver integrates two laser diode drivers, 6 photodiode electronics, a pulse-picker synchronization tool and many other dedicated functionalities for nearly any type of fiber laser architecture. 

This fiber laser diode driver allows you to develop a complete fiber laser prototype in only a few weeks. There is one “pulsed & CW” channel for seed laser diode and one “CW” channel for pump laser diode.  It is compatible with any type of fiber laser architectures : Mode-locked, Q-Switch, MOPA with any type of seeder like EOM modulated diodes, Gain Switched diodes, Microchip etc.

See our Tutorial : Fiber-Laser-basics 

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Ref: Fiber laser diode driver, Shipping: 1 - 2 weeks, PN: Centrale

Two Channel Laser Diode Pulse Driver & TEC Control Module with Butterfly Mounting Sockets ; Pulse & CW drivers up to 1500 mA ; User Set Pulse Widths from 1 ns up to CW ; USB Interface & software integration libraries. NOTE : this product is a 24 V powered device. Contact us if you want us to suggest a compatible power supply.

1 - 2 weeks
3 795
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Fiber laser diode driver
Ref: OPTION-1 : mounting set for optical tables, Shipping: Today, PN: OPTION-1

Special mounting set to assemble several AeroDIODE products together on an optical table. The set is compatible with all all AeroDIODE products and all optical tables on the market (US or Metric). The kit includes 12 mechanical pieces, 36 dedicated screws and 4 fiber optic mating sleeves to stack up to 4 AeroDIODE products. Several kits can be mounted the one on the other to stack up to 8 or 12 products. (click to enlarge the picture)


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