This high speed laser diode driver can generate any programmable pulse shape with down to 500 picosecond and 48 dB dynamic range. It includes many functionalities like gain switch peak suppression and 3 synchronized pulse delay generators.

This high speed driver with integrated TEC controller delivers precision pulses which are generated internally by an on-board AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator). It is compatible with most of the laser diode form factors (Butterfly, TO etc.). Direct laser diode modulation is an alternative to EOM or AOM external modulation. See our fiber modulator basics tutorial for more information.

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High speed laser diode driver KEY FEATURES :

high speed driver pulse shape
Example of a laser diode seeder pulse shape in a MOPA fiber laser configuration
  • Direct modulation of nanosecond laser pulses with any shape
  • Built-in pulse AWG with internal or remote triggering
  • 0 to 1.6 A output current with 16 bit/48 dB/30 μA resolution
  • Integrated TEC controller with over temperature protection
  • Special mode for laser diode “gain switch peak” suppression
  • Two versions for either direct modulation or external modulation (see spec table and pictures)
  • 3 Integrated Pulse Delay Generators
  • GUI software and several libraries software integration (LabVIEW, DLLs, Hexa, Python)


The GUI software lets the user have total control of all module functions. It includes several libraries for software integration ((Labview VIs, DLLs, Hexa, Python etc.)

Applications of this driver includes high energy laser seeding, LIDAR testing, etc.

This high speed laser diode driver  works alone or in series with other products in our range like :

high speed laser diode driver gains switch peak suppression
A gain switch peak suppression function is integrated


DFB or Bragg-based laser diodes such as Thorlabs, lumentum or 3SP are perfectly well controlled.

All Aerodiode products can be connected together with a single GUI interface which consolidates all module functions. This allows the users to save a lot of time.

Read our Tutorials to get a good overview of the capabilities of this high speed laser diode driver :

(Direct modulation of the laser diode)
(External modulation of the laser diode - see picture)
Laser diode driverPulse modeUser design pulse shapeSquare pulse (1 ns to CW)
Peak current level0-1.6 A0-3.5 A
Pulse duration0.5 ns - 8 µsec1 ns - CW
Pulse timing resolution500 ps
Pulse current resolution30 µA
Jitter (internal / external trigger)< 100 ps / ±2.5 nsec
Laser diode gain switch peak suppression functionYes (user switchable and configurable)No
External modulator driver (EOM or AOM) :
See our fiber modulator tutorial for more precisions
EOM/AOM pulse duration (4000 step max)N.A.0.5 ns - 8 µs
EOM/AOM pulse timing resolutionN.A.500 ps
Output voltageN.A.1 V (50 Ohm) / 5V (High-Z)
Pulse delay generators outputs (external equipment synchronization)Number of outputs3
Synchronization signals duration0 - several hours
Synchronization signal resolution1 ns
Output voltage3.3 V (50 Ohm)
Special functionsConfigurable starting modes4 (OEM, previous settings etc.)
Configurable GUI100% adjustable by expert user with several user modes (production user, maintenance user etc.)
Configurable output power supply0-18V adjustable voltage to drive any additional external board
GeneralCompatibilities & librariesWindow 7/10 ; Hexa, DLLs, LabVIEW
InterfaceUSB or UART
Power supply24V / 4A (110V/220V adapter included)
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Software libraries

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High speed laser diode driver with user-design nanosecond pulse shape
Shaper Direct
High speed laser diode driver; User designed nanosecond pulse shapes from integrated AWG ; Max current : 1600mA , max repetition rate : 20 MHz ; Pulse resolution : 500 picosecond ; Max pulse duration : 8 µsec
4 995
High speed laser diode driver with user-design nanosecond pulse shape
Shaper External
High speed laser diode and external modulator driver with user designed nanosecond pulse shapes from integrated AWG : the driver generates a square or CW laser diode pulse and produces the external voltage signal to drive an EOM (Electro Optic Modulator) or AOM (Acousto Optic Modulator). Max peak current (square laser diode pulse) : 3500 mA ; Max average current (laser diode) : 800 mA ; max voltage (EOM or AOM driver) : 1V (50 Ohm) or 5V (high Z).
4 995
3 - 4 weeks

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