High power pulsed laser diode up to 350 W nanosecond pulses

product front face vision from the side - pulsed

This high power pulse laser diode generates nanosecond range optical pulses out of a multimode fiber. It includes a synchronization tool to generate any pulse or burst configuration for LIDAR, laser diode camera synchronization, or special lighting. 

It is an optimized high power pulsed laser diode solution for the generation of high peak power nanosecond precision pulses at 10 visible or infra-red wavelengths from 405 nm up to 1470 nm (like 905 nm laser diode or 940 nm pulsed laser diode). All modules have a high brightness with a typical output fiber core of 105 µm (62.5 µm also available as a special request). It is often used as a LIDAR laser diode (LIDAR test bench) or a laser source for various synchronization applications.

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