Pulse Picker synchronization board – up to 200 MHz input / 20 MHz output

Pulse picker synchronization board

Pulse Picker is a synchronization tool to drive external modulating devices such as EOM, AOM, SOA etc.  It has been designed to work with low level electrical or optical input pulse power. It includes 3 pulse picking modes (frequency divider, external  triggering & high frequency clock, burst shaping) : see the detailed application note : Pulse-Picker

This Pulse Picker board includes a software adjustable input voltage level threshold and a photodiode (optional). This board also includes a special AWG function synchronized with the input signal to perform some Burst Shaping of mode-locked lasers.

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Pulse picker Key features :

pulse picker
This product has a small form factor and an easy-to-use GUI
  • 1V/3.3V/5V output voltage
  • Min input voltage: < 30 mV
  • <80 ps RMS jitter
  • Max Input frequency : 200 MHz
  • Max output frequency : 20 MHz
  • 3 modes : Divider (low Jitter), Synchro (external) and Burst shaper
  • USB interface with many Libraries and GUI


This  Pulse Picker  works alone or in series with other products in our range like :


The GUI software lets the user have total control of all module functions. It includes several libraries for software integration (LabVIEW VIs, DLLs, Hexa, Python etc.). Complex systems, such as fiber lasers, can be quickly developed on this module platform.

This pulse-picker board is part of our “Multiboard” laser driver and synchronization modules family. It works perfectly well to synchronize any AOM devices, for example Brimrose or Gooch and Housego. All the using cases are explained in a well detailed Pulse picker Operating_manual and a specific application note.

pulse picker divider mode
Example of a timing diagram in divider mode (division factor from 1 to 10^9 ) – This configuration allows very low jitter pulse picking.
Pulse Picker
Max frequencies (Input/Output)200 MHz / 20 MHz
Adjustable output levels1 V / 3.3 V / 5 V_TTL
Jitter (100 ns delay)< 80 ps (rms)
Pulse_out (SMA) :
Output impedance50 Ohm (recommended)
Pulse width5 ns to >1000 s
Pulse width resolution2 ns
Pulse delay10 ps to > 1000 s
Pulse delay resolution10 ps
Output levels (selected by user)1 V / 3.3 V / 5 V TTL
Pulse_IN (SMA) :
Input voltage30 mV to 3.3 V (software adjustable detection threshold)
Max input rate200 MHz
Insertion delayDown to 12 ns
Sync Ext / Gate inputs (SMA) :
Input voltage30 mV to 3.3 V
Threshold1.2 V (fixed)
Max input rate20 MHz
Divider / prescaler :
Division rangefrom 1 to 10^9 (selectable)
Voltage converter :
Max input frequency150 MHz
Jitter< 30 ps
Pulse Picker :
Max input/output frequency200 MHz / 20 MHz
Burst / Gate Generator :
Number of pulses1 to 10^9
Trigger-to-pulse delayAdjustable
Intra-burst resolution5 ns
Compatibilities and Libraries :Windows 7/10 ; DLLs, Hexa, LabVIEW, Python etc.
Documentation & Libraries


Application notes

Operating manual

integration manual

software libraries

Mechanical drawings

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pulse picker
Pulse-picker module
Pulse-picker module : control instrument to synchronize external optical modulating device to isolate pulses up to 200 MHz input
1 395
pulse picker board level
Pulse-picker - Board level
Pulse-picker board level : control instrument to synchronize external optical modulating device to isolate pulses up to 200 MHz input. Board level version. Minimum order quantity : 10 pieces
2 - 5 days
pulse picker photodiode
OPTION-1 : Board mounted photodiode visible range (Si)
High speed and low capacitance optional photodiode directly soldered onto the board for fastest response time. 47 ps Rise Time, 400 - 1100 nm, Ø 0.25 mm Active Area, FC/PC Bulkhead
2 - 5 days
pulse picker photodiode
OPTION-2 : Board mounted photodiode IR-(InGaAs)
High speed and low capacitance optional photodiode directly soldered onto the board for fastest response time. InGaAs : 300 ps Rise Time, 800-1700 nm, Ø 0.12 mm Active Area, FC/PC Bulkhead
pulse picker threshold
OPTION-3 : Ultra-low detection threshold
Optional special board for ultra-low adjustable detection threshold (5 mV typ. instead of 30 mV for standard version)
2 - 5 days

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